Please accept my apologies for some of the directions below. For a long time (and still) stores had no street numbers and many streets had no names. We have, since I moved to Cabo found stores by landmarks…ie: go up the up street, take a left at the laundromat and on and on...You get the picture. 
FYI: I take no referral fees. I only ask that the store pass on those discounts to you.
Try this link: Pretty much comprehensive..not completely up to date:
Casa Decor Cabo: Just outside of Cabo on the highway access road and next to the Natural Stone store. Ask for Mary.
Cabo San Lucas - Km 4.5 Carr Transpeninsular
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico 23400
Mexico phone: 624 172.6675
vonage: (1) 888.557.6533
cell: (011.521) 624.176.8146
Home Store: In front of Home Depot. Ask for Monica Markeset
From U.S. and Canada: 619 730-0337
Mexico phone: 624 173-0203 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Across the street from Home Depot is a small strip mall. It has a Comex paint store at the end. There are a few stores in there that carry household stuff. Sometimes priced high compared to the U.S. but one of the stores is Cabo’s version of Pier One or Crate and Barrel. ( sorry can’t remember names of the store).  Oops it is now out of business as of May 2011. However, there is still an appliance store and a small gift and home decor store.
Isher: they have everything. Leather stuff is not so-so. Most times they sell 3 pieces (sofa, loveseat, chair and won't separate). Some English. Prices in pesos. Ask if there is a discount for Cabenos. “Hay una descuenta por Cabenos? Tengo una casa aqui”. Go up Morelos Street (at the light before Squid Roe downtown. Go about a mile until you see a street that says Something Diagonal. Take a left and half block in on left is Isher. plenty of parking.
Credenza:. We bought sofas there for a few of my clients. They had to be ordered but they arrived right on time and were delivered. It is in the Telcel parking lot. Telcel is right before the Pemex station when you go into town…not the one in the corridor, the one downtown.
Albrije: On main street..when you are coming out of Cabo, about a block or 2 before you get to the light where you can see the overpass to go to Walmart, is Albreje. Sam is the owner and I have bought lots of items from him and he will give you a discount if you mention my name. 
Mexico phone: 624 105 2030 
Décor America: Great selection of American beds. Remember, just because it says Sealy for example, it might be a Sealy but sized for Mexico. Mexican beds are shorter and wider. Their queen is like our double.
Calle Mendoza, downtown Cabo 
From U.S. and Canada: 310 862-4950
Mexico phone: 624 143-0575
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Diaz de Luna Furniture and Interiors: Plaza San Basilio Loc 9, Cabo San Lucas, downtown behind the Pemex station
Mexico Phone: 144-4976
El Callejon: downtown on Hidalgo. Great selection of furniture and decorator items. Near the Telmex main office
Mexico phone: 624 143-1139 - 143-3188
Casa Bonita Home: In corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo: In El Tule area; when you see the sign for the glass factory take that exit. Next to the glass factory. Many one of a kind decorator items.
From U.S. and Canada: 573 552-4009
Mexico phone: 624 144-1500 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Marsha Flores, owner
Costco and Sam's Club: In the corridor between Walmart and Home Depot.These are hit and miss..sometimes they have minimal furniture and sometimes not.  If you see something you like, especially patio furniture you better grab it.  I can guarantee it won't be there two days later.
In San Jose:
Cabo Furniture Company: Driving on the highway it is just past Paseo Finisterra on the r ight side of the highway. I believe they do buying trips to Guadalajara also.
From U.S. and Canada: 619 467-0064
Mexico phone: 624 142-4878
Paul Chamberlain
Treasures Furniture Cabo: On the highway in Plaza del Faro across from the Toyota dealer. Take Espiritu exit. Open 10-6 Mon-Friday. You can call them and ask them if they have a package for small condos and that you already have the beds. 
Plaza El Faro, Km 26. Carretera Transpeninsular
San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico
US (Vonage) 858.964.3759
Mexico phone: 624.144.6411
Jan Frantz: store manager
contact me and I can get you a discount.